Monday, October 31, 2011

Premie Baby Pants

So my sister had a little boy a few weeks ago.  Born just past 32 weeks and weighed a little under 4 lbs.  Baby and mom are both doing really well! 

I had a hard time finding premie baby clothes, so I found a pair of 0-3 month pants and used them as a pattern to make these out of a couple old T-shirts.  I  made them a bit smaller and made the legs longer and enclosed the feet.  (Which I realize you can't see in my picture)  I have no idea how well they will fit him, but I think they will fit better than the 0-3 month pants. 

I used the bottom hem of the shirt as the top, so all I had to do was rip out an inch or so to sew up my side seams so it wouldn't be sewn closed.  Then thread your elastic through the pre-exhisting casing.  Top stitch all around the bottom of the elastic to close it all up.  Easy! 

For the little decorations I just used some HeatNBond to iron them on, then top stitched about 1/8 of an inch around the edge.

That is the back of the football pair.  He's a big Chicago Bears fan.  :)

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A couple quilts from Karen

I met up with Karen at the AQS show a few weeks ago to hand off these two lovely quilts.

This pattern is called Synchronized Squares.  You can read Karen's post here.

Since the blocks have raw edges I quilted a flower in each block.  With loops in between. 

She even had a few extra blocks for the back.  I somehow managed to line up the blocks on the back with the ones on the front so the quilted flowers matched up.

And she made this throw with Christmas fabrics. And you can see Karen's post on this quilt here

Free-motion feathers!

Thanks for having me quilt your quilts once again Karen!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Joan's Jelly Roll quilt

This is Joan's quilt made from a Jelly roll.  Pretty cool pattern huh?  (#36)

I quilted the same design as the last quilt, Mt. Hood.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Hexie and Alphabet projects update

Do you remember back in the beginning of the year when I started working on these hexagons?  No?  Well the post about it is here.  And this is my progress so far.  I just laid out the "flowers" to see how big it is.  So far only only about 5 or 6 flowers are actually connected together.  But I think I am going to make this tree wall hanging for Baby's room with them. 

Hmm, after just re-visiting my inspiration pic, I am thinking that my treetop is pretty huge.  It may need some pruning to scale it down. 

And here is my alphabet so far.  Only a few letters left!  I think I might re-do the 'N' because
1) it looks more like an 'H' and
2) I accidentally used the same fabric as the 'A'.  I can't have that! 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

AQS Show success and #35

Well the AQS Show last week was a success!  I learned a lot from my classes from Sue Patten and looked at a ton of awesome and inspiring quilts.  I tried out longarm machines (more about that later) and I met up with Karen who passed off a couple quilt tops for me to quilt.  I took lots of pictures of amazing quilts, but then realized that I needed permission from the quilter to post them on my blog, so ummm no pictures here.  But if you mention it in a comment, I will be happy to send you some via e-mail! 

This was the Des Moines Quilt Guild Show that was in the Wells Fargo Arena. 

A lot of these quilts could very well have been included in the AQS show, they are that good.  There were a few I recognized that were entered in the Iowa State Fair this year too.

This one is called "Mt. Hood".  It uses 5" squares.  A lot of them!  My sister made this one looooong ago (like maybe almost 10 years), and now it's finally finished!  (Got that binding sewn on yet Sis?)

The quilting design was my free-hand attempt of this pantograph

Talk about a pieced back!  And this was quilt #35.