Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Janet's puple and green throw quilt

Janet brought me this fun purple and green throw sized quilt. 

I got to use my purple thread on this one!

I quilted 'Feathers on the halfshell' on it with some leaves thrown in the mix to go along with the botanical prints.

Her back was a pieced jellyroll race. Janet brought her husband along with her to pick up her quilt. He was SO impressed with my longarm machine and thought it was "Whoah, So cool!" I really got a kick out of him :)  Thanks Janet!

Friday, December 7, 2018

Norene's Pink Squares

Norene made this sweet girly quilt for her granddaughter, my daughter Gretta! So, I wanted to quilt it extra fancy for her. :)

I loved turning this simple quilt into something fancy with the quilting.

I used a pink thread on most of it, doing a C2C design in the blocks and doubling it in the solid squares. 

The wide, solid pink border was just perfect for some fancy scallops. I used the piecing to guide the placement of the curves. I did a bit of marking for the corners.

I filled in with lots of little swirls and used a contrasting purple thread to help it stand out.

I did a piano keys in the buffalo check border.

I usually freehand my C2C's, but this time I used rulers. Two different ones as the inner curve it a bit tighter than the rest. So it took me a LOT longer than usual.

But boy does it look nice!

Thanks Norene- I'm sure Gretta will love it!

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Cindy's baby quilt re-do

Cindy had a special baby quilt project. She wanted to re-do her child's old baby blanket for her new grandchild. 

The baby blanket was well loved and the soft fuzzy weave was wearing thin in places. She wanted me to quilt it onto a minky backing, but wasn't sure what to do about batting. The quilt would have plenty of weight to it, so maybe no batting at all? But, then there were spots where the top was worn thin and could be seen through. So we decided to use a light gray flannel as batting so there was something behind it, but didn't add much thickness to it.

I quilted some paisleys and bubbles on it to keep it gender neutral. She trimmed off the worn silky binding and put on new.

The back. This little baby quilt is ready for another generation of snuggles! Thanks Cindy!

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Marty's Vintage Bow Tie Quilt

Marty brought me this neat vintage bow tie baby quilt.

This top was both hand and machine pieced. Marty added the red border to it, which I got a bit funky with a ribbon candy-echo design.

I quilted 'feathers on the halfshell' on it. Again.

I made the curls more ribbon-like at the ends.

The back.

I like looking at the fabric prints and color combos of these bow-tie blocks.
Thanks Marty!

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Star Value-My Version

Star Value--free tutorial!

So, I have made this quilt pattern a couple of times with my do.Good Stitches groups. I just love it so much! I had to make one of my own. So here it is finally! 

I used black instead of gray for the diamonds. I had a stack of 4-4.5 inch black squares that needed used up. I discovered that they were the perfect size to  make 4 HST units that measured 2.5 inches unfinished. You do that by sewing around the outside edges of your light and dark, and cutting from corner to corner in an X and you get 4 hst units that barely need squaring up.

I made the 16" block size using 2.5 inch squares and units. I made 24 blocks in a 4 by 6 layout and after laying it out in the top photo, decided to make it a bit wider by adding a half block down the length of it. So it is 4.5 blocks wide and 6 blocks long. As much as I wanted to call it good and be done with it, I'm glad I persisted and made it a bit bigger.

As you can see, I used a variety of bright colored scraps and lights. I did end up purchasing a few light colored fat quarters for more variety, but otherwise everything else was from the stash.

Quilting it--I used a cream thread for most of it, filling in the background with random swirls, flowers, curls, leaves, and loops. The 8-pointed stars all got the same geometric design. The diamonds--each row got a different design. 

I changed to black thread for the black diamonds, doing a different design in each row of those as well. We'll be looking at this quilt for a looong time, so I gotta keep it interesting. 

I made a scrappy binding for it, using up leftover binding pieces.

I enjoyed making this bright and cheery quilt, it helped me get through a tough time. "Do what makes you happy" the saying goes, so that for me was making this quilt.

The back! A friend was giving away a ton of old fabric, and I grabbed this blue fuzzy stuff. Yards of it!  How do I explain it, because I don't know what it is called, but it is knit on one side and a bit fuzzy on the other. The 80's version of minky I would say...

Anyways, it makes for a warm and cozy quilt that keeps drafts away! I snuggle under it in my recliner every night and usually doze off before bed. It works! :)

And that is my big quilt finish for this year. Don't think I will get another done in the next month as Christmas is around the corner and customer quilts are waiting, and I have a few little projects to make too. But, I do have a few tops in waiting when the time ever comes.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Barb's flannel quilt

Barb made this lovely flannel quilt.

I quilted and all-over feather design called "Feathers on the halfshell". Tracy from Whirls and Swirls made a video on how to quilt it here.

It's a very fun design to do once you get the hang of it. You can get yourself into a tight area easily if you're not careful.  I've been using it on a lot of quilts lately, adding leaves to it and extra curls. 

The back. I used a light brown thread. 

Thanks Barb!

Friday, November 16, 2018

Lois's gray rail fence

Lois made this black and gray rail fence quilt with a fancy border.

I felt the need to put something fancy in the border, so I C2C's the squares and added scallops along the outside. A brave adventure with the light thread on the black fabric.

Going around the corner.

As for the blocks, I did a feathered paisley design.

The paisley design went well with her prints.

I used a gray thread throughout.

Thanks Lois! Enjoy your quilt!