Friday, October 12, 2018

Winter Winds :: a raffle quilt

Becki brought me her church raffle quilt called 'Winter Winds'. 

I had to make it church-raffle-worthy and got a bit fancy with it.

In the large dark blue border I did a large swirl and echoed it a few times, and filled in with pebbles on the inside and figure 8's on the outside. For the next blue border, and undulating paisley feather. And the gray and smallest border got double bubbles.

The blocks got an all-over super-sized swirl with paisley feathers.

I used a white thread throughout the quilt. 

Does it look windy enough?

I hope this quilt sold lots of tickets. It sure it a pretty design! 
  She told me there was a mistake in it, but I never found it. Gee, I don't know how you couldn't make a mistake or more with this intricate block.

Thanks Becki :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Sharon's Vintage

Sharon had me quilt up this lovely vintage quilt top her mother-in-law made a long time ago.

It is a special quilt and she wanted it custom quilted.

I put these designs together--simple feather in the border...

...ribbon candy in the pink parts, and loops in the triangles.

The blue blocks got a special design taken from a book I have.

I marked a few points I needed to hit with a cardboard template and went for it.  If you look closely, there were already a few marked lines on the quilt, which I used to my advantage.

Sharon was happy with the results. And I was relieved! 
Thanks Sharon!

Monday, October 8, 2018

Luanne's Green and Red strips quilt

Luanne made this neat quilt with some greens and blue-gray strips.

I quilted an all-over feathered paisley with lots of curls and leaves.

The creamy back fabric really shows the quilting off well.

Thanks Luanne!

Friday, October 5, 2018

Rhonda's hexagons

Rhonda made this fun hexagon quilt in pink, gray, navy, and white.

I kept the quilting simple with an overall swirl design.

I used a light gray thread throughout the quilt.

A few feathered swirls here and there...

A sunny afternoon makes for awesome quilting pics in my basement.

I might have gotten a little camera happy with this one.

A solid gray back.  Thanks Rhonda!!

Monday, October 1, 2018

Mikala's t-shirt quilt

Here is another T-shirt quilt made by a 4-H'er for fair. Mikala did a great job on it!

Her quilt is all about the dance and tumbling shirts.

I used my bright variegated thread on it- Rio deJaneiro. It has all the colors in her quilt in it.

I went with the swirls in her green border print and quilted lots of curls and things all over, outlining the shirt designs as I went along.

In her plain pink block I put in her name.

And her graduating year on the other side.

Love how it turned out! She received a State Fair Alternate at our county fair. Great job Mikala!

Friday, September 28, 2018

Teresa's California Dreamin'

Teresa made this quilt called 'California Dreamin'. The pattern was in the Quilty magazine that featured my sister's quilt and my quilting on the cover. (March/April 2017) You can see it posted up in the left side banner.

Love the rich colors she used in this one! She wanted custom quilting, so I came up with a geometric design for the centers...

...And some strait line meandering in the frames.

It is hard to tell, but there are 2 different sizes of centers/backgrounds. I decided to quilt them the same.

The back.

Thanks Teresa! 

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Thea's Kitties

Peg and Sarah made this adorable Kitty quilt for Thea-my niece. Thea is a lover of animals, not only cats, but anything with 4 or 6 legs! Frogs, toads, walking sticks, hamsters, puppies- you name it, she's holding it!

Thea arranged the blocks herself- she did an amazing job! She's 9 years old btw.

I quilted a fun funky feather in the purple batik border, and some double circles in the inner turquoise border.

I added her name in there too. As her aunt, I can make those fun executive decisions ;)

As for the blocks, I just kind of quilted all kinds of things in there. Mostly paisley feathered swirls, but with lots of other things in there too like feathers, hearts, swirls, flowers, leaves...

...and one special kitty face! I picked a dark blue one so the quilting would show up well with my light gray thread.

This was a big quilt- 100 inches square! 

The back-mostly a light lavender solid- shows the quilting really well.

LOVED quilting this one! Thea will be enjoying this one for a loong while I'm sure.