Friday, January 20, 2017

12 inch Split 9-Patch Tutorial

February is my month for my Do.Good Stitches Haven circle and this is the block they will be making for me. A Split 9-patch. It's just a 9-patch but with HST's that divide the unit up for a fun visual interest.  I'm going to show you how to make one 12 inch finished block, or 4 units. 

Here's how to make it!
You will need:

Mark your gray squares in half diagonally on the backsides. I use a regular old pencil for this.

Match a gray and black square right sides together and stitch a scant 1/4 inch on either side of the line. I make a chain by sewing down one side of all, then turn the whole thing around and stitch down the other side without cutting them apart. Super fast!

Cut apart on the lines.

My ironing board is gross.

Trim these all up to 2.5 inches square.

Turn unit around and square up again to get rid of both 'dog ears'.

Next, lay out your blue and light squares to make one quadrant--keeping the gray halves on the blue side and the black with the lights.

Sew together into rows, then sew the rows together to make one quadrant. Make 4 quadrants to complete a 12.5 inch unfinished block!

I'll have my Haven-ites leave the 4 quadrants unsewn so I can mix them all up, and so I can play around with the layout. Which way should I make it??

Barn raising? (above)


Lighting bolt?

Or I could make it into some other random design. We will see in a few months which way I will go with it. But I'm loving the way this block looks! I chose these colors because it matches some yardage I got on super clearance a while back that I will use for the backing and perhaps a border and/or binding. But, it would be neat to see this in other colorways too. I also love how it is a great block to use up scraps. I love a good scrappy quilt!

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