Friday, October 12, 2018

Winter Winds :: a raffle quilt

Becki brought me her church raffle quilt called 'Winter Winds'. 

I had to make it church-raffle-worthy and got a bit fancy with it.

In the large dark blue border I did a large swirl and echoed it a few times, and filled in with pebbles on the inside and figure 8's on the outside. For the next blue border, and undulating paisley feather. And the gray and smallest border got double bubbles.

The blocks got an all-over super-sized swirl with paisley feathers.

I used a white thread throughout the quilt. 

Does it look windy enough?

I hope this quilt sold lots of tickets. It sure it a pretty design! 
  She told me there was a mistake in it, but I never found it. Gee, I don't know how you couldn't make a mistake or more with this intricate block.

Thanks Becki :)


Vic in NH said...

Beautiful quilting for the Winter Winds quilt!

Becki Petersen said...

A lady that works at our local quilt shop won the quilt. She was thrilled!