Monday, April 7, 2014

Norene's Sampler Quilt

Norene made this neat sampler quilt.  Such bright, fun colors!

I did a lot of custom work on this quilt, as each block required some thought and deliberation before attacking them.  The fabrics were all swirls, so I incorporated that into the quilting as well. 

This has become my new favorite pinwheel design.  The idea for it came from my own noggin, but I'm not saying it's my own original idea.  I'm sure someone else has done it before, it's really very simple.  But it is pretty quick to do and is not too dense of a design, which I like.  I've done another little variation of it on a recent quilt, so stay tuned for that post.

These little strips in the border were tricky to come up with an idea for.  I ended up extending the swirls from the blue sashings, and more swirls to fill the little green strip.  And curly feathers in the wide border.

Lots of C2C's, loops, and swirls.  Oh how these sampler quilts are a challenge, but they do turn out pretty in the end.  yeah??  

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Maple Leaf Quilt

Donna made this lovely Maple Leaf quilt.  

I quilted feathers in the outside border, leaves in the smaller border, and loops in the sashings.  

I had a hard time finding some inspiration on what to custom quilt inside the leaves.  After searching several images, I figured out that I was pretty much on my own.  But that was ok after all.  I had fun inventing my own designs.  So perhaps if you are searching for ideas yourself, I hope these will help you out.  This one I did a leafy branched feather in each lobe.

In these smaller leaves, it's hard to see well, but I just did a few long pointy leaves branching from the leaf petiole.

This one is similar to the other large one, only in the traditional rounded feather shape.

This one I just did simple large bubbles.  

A pointy feather in this one.  Thanks for letting me quilt your special maple leaf quilt Donna!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Christmas flannel quilt: Saved

Here is an 'In progress' shot of Joan's quilt.  This quilt was a little different in that it was one that had been tied several years ago, but several of the ties had come out and the batting was getting bunched up between the layers.  So Joan took it all apart, added a piece to the back to make it a little bigger for me and had me quilt it back together. 

This was an all flannel quilt.  The borders had shrunk more than the center and I had some excess fabric to contend with.  It was doable and I think it turned out great!

Swirls were perfect for the job as you can push the fabric one way and then the other so you don't get puckers.  Isn't this print cute?!  I'm glad I was able to help save your cuddly quilt Joan!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Baby Buggies Quilt

Norene made this adorable baby quilt with a few printed panels and plenty of solids.

I did some outlining around each little baby, puppy and corresponding mode of transportation and filled the background in with swirls.  I did each border with a different design.

Flowers, waves, triangles, circles, pebbles, feathers, C2C... I think that about covers it.

Ric-rack with an echo in the border and a triple scallop in the outside border.  I used a light gray thread throughout the quilt.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Modern Bricks

Norene made this neat modern looking quilt from a jelly roll.  

For the border I did a super large loop and then echoed it a couple times.

It may be hard to see, but for the center I quilted a paisley swirl and then every so often I would do one more echo with loops.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Jessica's Baby Quilts

Jessica made these baby quilts.  The first one is so cute- she used scraps from 'oink-a-doodle-moo' fabric line.  I love the secondary 9-patch these blocks make with the sashing.  

I did a paisley swirl and rick-rac in the border. 

And this sweet little pinwheel quilt out of Lily Pulitzer fabrics.  

In the center I did an all-over flower, swirl, and leaves design and then a scalloped border with a loop.

Thanks for letting me quilt up these adorable quilts Jessica!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Lilly Pulitzer/Judi Madsen Baby Quilt Mash-Up!

Oh my goodness I love this quilt!  When Jessica (the Lilly Pulitzer fabric Queen) dropped it off and I saw those big blank 'windows', I knew exactly what I was going to do!  

I recently ordered Judi Madsen's new book 'Quilting Wide Open Spaces' and have been itching to attempt a few things from it.  

The 'In the Meadow' designs paired well with the bright floral fabrics, which also feature a few butterflies itself.  

The genius part about this quilting design is that due to its over sized design, there's no need to worry about resizing it to fit your block.  Just print off the pages from her CD, slip under your quilt and trace.  I used a water soluble marker.  No math, no lining up just perfectly...pretty simple.

I kept the quilting very straightforward in the pieced 9-patches, because the fun fabrics are the star there, and not the quilting.  That's where my "Judi Madsen" stops, and my "keep it simple" approach stepped in.  
Ha ha!

A solid back!
Now I want one for myself :)

Monday, March 10, 2014

Twister Rainbow Quilt

Norene made this twister quilt out of some of her scraps.  I love how bright and colorful it is!

Since the edge of her border was pieced, it was perfect for something other than feathers.  It's easy to decide to just put a feather in a border, but sometimes feathers just don't "go" with the quilt and you need to do something else.  And because it was pretty wide, I needed something tall.  This is what I came up with.  

For her 'twisters' I ended up doing C2C because it was the only thing I could come up with where you could travel across the whole row without stopping 50 times.  Other than an overall design, which I did not want to do on this quilt.

It turned out pretty neat I think!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Norene's Jelly Roll quilt

Norene made this quilt from a jelly roll.

I quilted a large loop in the border, then echoed it a couple times.

In the center part I did a paisley swirl, but every so often I would do the last ring of loops.  

That's all I got for you today!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Katie's Red White and Blues

Katie made this matching set of red, white and blue little quilts.  Very dazzling indeed!

She did such a lovely job with these log cabin borders, I had to showcase them with a little quilting flare.  With cream colored thread, I did a half flower loop design...

And free flowing feathers in the center.  Then I changed to a navy thread and did the dark areas of the border.  A narrow, pointy leaf blade with a little spiral in the red center squares, as you can see above.

A sampling of the back.  Hooray solid back!

Thanks Katie!