Monday, April 27, 2015

Alyce's T-shirt and a baby quilt

Well, it's spring and you know what that means.... 

It's T-Shirt quilt time!!
The end of a school year and graduation always leads to several t-shirt quilts for me. They are so fun to quilt! I think its because each one is different and they can really tell a story about who they are and what activities they were involved in. Plus the quilting really shows up nice on knit.

Alyce made this T-shirt quilt for her client and I got to quilt it.

These high school T-shirts were from the mid to late nineties--about the time I was in high school, so it was kinda cool to see this Forrest Gump shirt. Oh man. People would call me "Jennnnnnaaay" all the time. Don't miss that!!

I wasn't sure if this was for a guy or a girl. My guess would be girl because of the running red girl in the upper right, but I decided to play it safe with some pretty gender neutral but still pretty cool looking paisley swirls. 

Susie made this adorable farm baby quilt. Sorry these are sideways.

I kept it very simple here with an all over swirl.

Thanks Alyce and Susie for the fun quilts. Stay tuned for more t-shirt quilt quilting!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Mystery Medallion

This amazing Medallion quilt was made by my sister Katie. It was a mystery quilt from Quilter's Newsletter magazine a few years ago.

Here is the center-taken by my 3 year old.

This is what happens when I try to shoot a quilt. 30 seconds ago they were nowhere near it and then as soon as they hear the camera-BOOM-there they are!

Such tiny piecing and applique! I echoed the applique and did some custom work in the little blue and yellow blocks.

Quilting this one was a bit overwhelming-so many different blocks and odd places. But I just decided on one area at a time until I ran out of places!

The center was the toughest to figure out. I used my curved rulers for the big green corners and filled it with a feather.

A couple peeks at the back.

Phew! I'm glad that one is done!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Weaver Fever

Joyce made this quilt for our local Sewing Circle to raffle this summer. The pattern is called 'Weaver Fever". Normally the sewing circle would hand quilt their raffle quilts, but due to all the small pieces in this one, thought it would be better if I quilted it. OK!

I really struggled on how to quilt this printed border fabric. I finally decided to use Angela Walter's brackets to highlight the fuschia flowers and did some lines to fill the space. 

The brackets I did freehand, but I think I should have maybe made a template to trace instead. Next time...

I did quilt inside the brackets a little, along the stems. 

Free-motion feathers in the center!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Bundle Up!

Joan made this adorable wallhanging called Bundle Up. It is wool applique on a cotton background.

She wanted it quilted it very similarly to the pattern, which was pretty simple, just some meandering and swirls in the borders and in the snowballs.

The pattern was in Amierican Patchwork Quilting February 2011. Joan loved this so much, she plans to replicate the same shelf- ice skates and all!

Lilly Pulitzer baby quilt and 2 more baby quilts

Jessica made this adorable baby quilt with Lilly Pulitzer fabrics. 

I custom quilted a geometric design in each triangle and pebbles in the white sashing.

Such fun fabrics!

And here is another cowgirl baby quilt--this one was made by Jessica's mom this time.

And this one had a minky back! This was my first time quilting with minky, and it turned out really well. I've learned from a few of my online longarm groups not to pull it too tight. So I was careful about that and didn't have any issues!

I love the quilting definition it has!

Here is another from her mom--Dick and Jane.

C2C the HST's, bubbles in the borders, and swirls everywhere else.

Pretty cute quilts Christine!

Jessica's oh deer baby quilt

Here's another one from Jessica.  A baby quilt using up her scraps from the Oh Deer line. She's only made a dozen quilts from this fabric!

I got a little more practice with my rulers.

Thanks Jess for letting me try new things on your quilts!