Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Dinosaur Baby Quilt

Shayla made this cute baby quilt with dinosaur fabrics.

I did an all-over spiky swirl design with a few double loops here and there.  I thought the spiky swirls looked very dinosaur-ish. 

Here's a shot of the back. Thanks for letting me quilt your baby gift Shayla!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Jessica's Baby Quilts

I am pretty behind on blogging here, so I am going to try to quickly power out a bunch of posts, if that is possible.  I have a number of pre-Christmas quilts to share and of course I will share some of my homemade gifts I made this year.  So stay tuned!
Jessica had me quilt up several baby quilts for her Etsy shop. 

She made a border of prairie points that I avoided quilting over. 
This one is adorable.  Made from Lily Pulitzer fabrics, it's already sold from her shop. 

I quilted an all over flowers, swirls, and leaves combo on it with a custom border.
And lastly is this little gem.

I did another all over flowery design on this one.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Twin Baby quilts

Cathy is becoming a first time grandma with a set of twins!  A boy and a girl who could be arriving anytime soon, but hopefully after Christmas to avoid any NICU time.  Anyway, she asked me to make them baby quilts much like the baby quilts her kids had.  Just a simple whole-cloth quilt and the girl quilt had to have ruffles.  "Ok, I can do that", I said.  

She supplied all the fabric and ruffles.  For the boy I did a boy-ish swirl with triangles around them instead of feathers.  I happened to have the same kind of dot in orange in my own stash and took it upon myself to use that instead of the same blue dot for the binding.  

And here's the pink one.  I layered the fabrics and sewed around the edge leaving a space for opening.  Then I pinned the ruffle around it and stitched that on all the way around again.  I had to go back and fix a few spots where I caught a fold in the ruffle.  Then I flipped it right-side out, gave it a press, and top stitched the opening shut.  

Then it went on the longarm.  I wouldn't recommend putting a piece on any larger than this that already has all the layers stitched together like this.  That's because once it's on the rollers, it pulls the layers like a rolled up magazine--unevenly.  I didn't have any issues with it, but it was on the verge of being a problem.  So keep it under a yard when doing this!

Anyway, I quilted a girly flowery, swirly, leafy design on the pink one.  Best of luck with the twins Cathy!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Maddy's scrappy color blocks baby quilt

Little Madisen finally got her baby quilt last month.  She's 6 months old now, but better late than never!  But it was the first time I got to see her in person.  She's my cousin's little girl.  She has 2 older brothers, so she needed a bit of girlyness with a quilt!  I went with purple and greens.  And then added just enough pink to make it girly.  But not too girly. 
Now, if you have been following my little blog for a while, you have seen me make similar quilts before.  Maybe a dozen or so!  If you are kinda new around here- this is what I do.  I sort my little scraps into shoe boxes by color and they all live in a dresser drawer in my sewing space.  Every so often (when a box gets full and i can't hardly shut the drawer anymore for instance.  Or when I'm between projects and need something to sew on.)  I will get out a box and start randomly sewing scraps together to make a 10" block.  Then the blocks get thrown in another drawer and wait to be made into a baby quilt.  I did a recent block count--somewhere around 35 blocks!  Umm.  Better start doing something with them!

I like to quilt something different in each block.

It's hard to fit 5 improv letters into a 10" square. 
Note to self:  Stick with just their initials.  Or even better- just the first letter of their first name. 
I could sit there and look at all the different fabrics in there for hours.  I used flannel scraps for the backing.  I saw this Flying Dutchman tutorial from V and Co. and thought I could make HST units out of my blocks and make something similar.  I might try that next time.  I think it's time to change it up a little bit.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Teresa's Science Fair Quilt

Teresa bought this kit at the AQS show a couple months ago and had it together in record time!  She sent me a few quilting ideas, but still left it up to me as to how to quilt it.  She liked a geometric/flower design, and how someone else's version quilted the negative space like it was a block.  A "ghost" block if you will.

Hmm.  OK.  I did a little more Internet image searching for ideas and came up with a bunch.  But I narrowed it down to 2 that I thought I could handle and loaded her up!

I just love how it turned out! 
(so I took lots of pictures!)

There's no real rhyme or reason as to what design went where.  (or IS there??  ha ha)  But I did more of the flower design since I was pretty confident she would like that design for sure. 

The angled edges were kinda tricky, but not too bad.  I pinned them down, then basted the edge with my longest stitch-  keeping it within a quarter inch from the edge.  That should help keep things together with attaching the binding too.

I used a silver colored Aurifil thread throughout the quilt.

I really enjoyed quilting this one Teresa! 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Emily's Urban Birthday/Wedding Quilt

This is another family-made quilt for my cousin Emily's wedding gift.  The pattern is Urban Birthday using Jenny's Quick Curve Ruler.  It went together so fast and easy! 
This was my Mom's quilting design.  She had made this pattern once before and quilted it herself on her domestic machine and wanted to see how much better it would look if I quilted it the same way.  ha ha.  However, I never saw the quilt before she gifted it and there is no photographic evidence of it, so we will never really know for sure who "quilted it best"! 

 The wedding was a couple weeks ago.  It was a beautiful wedding with a beautiful Bride.  I hope she loves the quilt and that it keeps her and her new hubby warm and snuggly for many years to come!
Here is the back.  The fabric is called Wrenley.