Monday, August 28, 2017

Jessica's baby quilts

Jessica sent me a stack of baby quilts to keep me busy. 

Loved these farm fresh fabrics. 

Some feathered swirls to help keep it gender-neutral.

No pile of quilts from Jessica would be complete without some Lilly Pulitzer fabric!

There were two baby quilts this time. 

I did some giant curls with large paisley shapes all over on this one.

Thanks again Jess!  You can check out her Etsy page where she sells a lot of her adorable and amazing quilts.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Donelle's I spy and Jessica's trucks

Jessica made this adorable construction zone quilt. I quilted an all-over triangle design on it.

Triangles and double bubbles too. 

Donelle made this adorable I Spy quilt using a printed panel and some added borders.

Double bubbles in the border and swirls in the rest to keep it simple for playing the game.

(Bristle block placed for scale purposes.)

Thanks Jessica and Donelle!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Jann's Hexagon stars

Jann made this amazing hexagon star quilt. She admitted that these colors were outside her comfort zone, but I think she did really well with them.

Since this was a modern looking quilt I went with a more modern design with ribbon candy and large swirling paisley feathers for the background. 

I wanted to accentuate the stars and did C2C in the solid colored triangles and a geometric design inside.

I love how it turned out!

Thanks Jann!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Braxton's Stock car T-shirt quilt

Braxton made this T-shirt quilt as his 4-H project this year. This was his first time making a quilt-he is 12 years old.

He requested a large meander along with some custom work around the tshirt decals. No problem!

I couldn't help myself and added a few stars here and there.

Braxton did a really nice job putting his quilt together and must have had a good write-up too because it was selected to go on to the Iowa State Fair! So if you get to the fair August 10-20th you can see it there in person in the 4-H building! 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Sharon's charity auction quilt

Sharon purchased this quilt at a craft retreat for a great deal. The top was together already and basted into a quilt sandwich.  The previous owner had begun hand quilting with a pretty silvery dark gray embroidery thread along the rows. Just one or two rows.  Sharon thought it would be a great item to put onto our local church picnic auction and asked if I would quilt it and she would bind and finish it.

I agreed to it, of course. I took out the basting and loaded it so the already hand quilted lines were parallel with my loading bars.  That way the hand quilted lines would be less threatening and I could leave them in.

From there I decided on a geometric design for the squares.  They are actually a printed panel and not pieced together.  You can see a bit of the hand quilting here in the horizontal rows.

In the borders I did a funky feather and leaves in the smaller one. I would have preferred the panel was trimmed so that the squares didn't have those little partial bits on the sides, but ah well. A little curve there was all it took. 

I created a little cardboard square template out of a cereal box to mark those center points in the squares. Worked pretty slick!

Over all it was a fun quilt to do despite it being already sandwiched and partially hand quilted. 
Thanks Sharon!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Tractor baby quilt

Landon helped his Grandma make this super adorable baby quilt for his baby brother Ryker.

I borrowed a stencil from a friend of an old tractor.  It worked out perfectly to put three in a row.

In the borders I quilted round and square bales, circles and corner-to-corner the outside border.

In the center panel, I just outlined the squares and rectangles of the print.  This one was a pretty fun one to quilt!

Landon entered this quilt at the County Fair as a Clover kid and got a blue ribbon. Way to go Landon!