Friday, August 30, 2013

Star Value block and a couple from Joan

First off I want to share my do. Good Stitches block for September.  This is MY month to come up with a design for the rest of the gals to make.  I wanted something that was scrap friendly, simple to construct, and I also wanted it to have a bit of a secondary design to it when all the blocks come together.  So I kept my eyes peeled while checking out various blogs, and when I came across Melissa's Star Value block tutorial- That was it!  Perfect!  She even has instructions for 5 different block sizes!  This is the 20" size--you cut out 3 and 3.5" squares.  Yeah, it's a lot of squares, but once you get your fabric selections made and everything cut out, it goes together pretty darn quick. 
If you want and idea of how a dozen of these blocks look like all together- here's Melissa's
So, the Haven group is off and running to make this block!  I can't wait to start getting them in the mail...
Alright.  Now, here are a couple things from Joan.  Isn't this baby quilt adorable?  Those little animals in their sleepers...Awwe. 

She wanted an all-over design, so I did a feathered swirl.  It turned out pretty cute. 

She also had this table runner. 

Just do a meander she said.  No problemo there!  Thanks Joan!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Jessica's baby quilts

Jessica made these two adorable baby quilts.  This one was for a friend's little boy.  His name is Berek or Bearet or Bear.  I can't remember which, but I know they are calling him Bear, so this little quilt is soo perfect!

I quilted swirls and some large pebble patches here and there.

Then there is this sweet little one. 

I did an all-over design with curly Q's and flowers.

I'm so glad I get to quilt up your quilts Jessica!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Jessica's oh deer! (again)

Jessica was commissioned to make this quilt from the Oh Deer fabric line.  She has made this quilt several times before and has sold them on her Etsy site

I quilted a super-sized echo swirl all over to keep the modern/contemporary vibe.
This large print makes an excellent backing.  Jessica did make a couple of twin sized of the same quilt as well, but I didn't get photos of them.  But it's the same quilt, only smaller, and I quilted an all-over design that I've posted before.   So I guess it was nothing new anyways!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Karen's Recipe Cards Quilt

Karen had me quilt this neat Recipe Cards quilt.  She had a concept to make the green part look like grass.  Hmm, I think I can do that!

So here's the grassy part.

For the cards I made each fabric a different texture- pebbles, horizontal lines, and swirls.  

Karen tells me that she plans to enter this into the Iowa State Fair in their new Modern Quilts category.  I'm very excited to check out this new category and see her quilt in person.  Again.  There is always a lot of really great quilts to see at the State Fair and always look forward to the exhibit.  
Thanks for letting me quilt your awesome quilt Karen!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Carol's Blue Embroidered Stars

Carol's husband does all the embroidery work on these blocks while she puts the quilts together.  Sounds like a good trade to me!  

I outlined each row of the star and the center star.  Then I went around the outside with a McTavish/banana type filler.  For the sashing I changed to a navy thread and tried a new (to me) design I saw in an old Dawn Cavanaugh article about tiny borders I had ripped from a magazine.  (Fons & Porter perhaps?)  I really like how it turned out, although it was tricky figuring out how to turn the corner with it.  

The back!

Ta daa!  Or, as my little guy likes to say: "Daaa!"