Friday, January 29, 2016

Marty's quilts::Proof Noltings can quilt through anything!

Marty made this neat quilt. I love her use of solids.

I did an all-over flowery/swirl/leafy design on it.

She used an old blanket for the batting. It worked just fine.

And here is another one from Marty--using up some old drunkard's path blocks.

She was gifting this to her nephew, so I did my manly paisley design on it.

Her batting on this one was another used blanket--one of those almost super thick felt kind.  No problems with that either.  I'm convinced that my Nolting Funquilter can handle just about anything you can put on it!!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Basket Sampler II

Joyce made this basket sampler also, this time in a green border. (Have a look at her other one.)

I did the same block design that I used on the other basket sampler quilt; filling in the setting triangles with a large feather.

A huge outer border! I ended up doing a 'Wild Feather' border out of Angela Walters Shape by Shape book. It worked really well!

I filled one basket up with flowers.

A corner.

I took lots of pictures of this one!

the borders from the back.

More back action.

Thanks for having me quilt this fun quilt for you Joyce!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Joet's t-shirt baby quilt

Joet made this sweet baby quilt out of t-shirts, polo shirts and Hawaiian shirts.

I did an all-over design of paisleys and double bubbles.

I machine stitched the binding too. Thanks Joet!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Postage Stamp

Kayla discovered this gem among her Mother's sewing stash after she had passed and wanted it finished. That's where I came in.

I quilted feathers in the outer border and leaves in the smaller red border. Among the stamps I did an all-over feather.

There was a lifetime of fabrics in this quilt! Some old prints mixed in with some more modern pieces. Some I even recognized from my own stash. Each square is about 1 inch finished. (Notice my lego guy is in there for scale purposes.)

There were a couple places where she had removed a patch and had never gotten around to replacing. (Both were supposed to be green squares.) Kayla wanted it left that way, so I turned the raw edges under best I could and quilted around the edges. Then I dabbed some fray check on it too.  It is to be a wallhanging so it won't see a ton of abuse. I think it should hold up well.

A peek at the back. I bound it and had it back in time for Kayla to share with her family over the holidays. She said they had a special time remembering her mother with it.


Thursday, January 21, 2016

Sailor pinwheels and a pink baby quilt

This nautical baby quilt turned out so cute! (Still sharing Jessica's quilt pile)

I c2c'd the whites and then not quite but almost c2c'd the blue and red pinwheels.

And ribbon-candied the border. But in this case it's rope. ;)

Here is a sweet little baby girl quilt that I made figure 8's all over.

thanks for bringing me your fun quilts Jessica!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

big star

Jessica made this huge star quilt in purples, teals, black and grays.

I did an all-over wild feather on it in a gray thread. The train car is there for scale purposes. ;)

A swirly border.

Center star

And Jessica made another one of these quilts. She's made and sold this quilt a dozen times. I think she told me this was her last one. Ever! We'll see!

Thanks Jessica!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Basket Sampler Quilt

This basket block sampler quilt was made by Joyce

Lots of borders to play with!

Each basket was quilted differently, but with the same meander background.

Thanks Joyce!

Jann's purple baby quilt

Jann made this sweet little purple and white baby quilt. So simple in design. So fun to quilt!

Nothing super fancy or complicated, just some corner-to-corners, loops, and connecting points and yet it ends up looking so elegant.

The border worked perfectly with the piecing to make these scallops.

the back.
Thanks Jann!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

butterflies and Oct. dgs

This was our block for October's Do.Good Stitches Haven circle. It is called all around the neighborhood. It turned out adorable! Take a peek.

Joyce made this adorable butterfly quilt. I had fun adding some details to the wings.

I tried a new border design. Kind of caterpillar-ish looking I thought.

Thanks Joyce!

I'm waaay behind in blog posts. Like a couple months. So I am trying to catch up so I can share more recent things. For a while there I was unable to upload pics from my camera, but have recently awarded myself with a MUCH needed laptop upgrade. Why did I wait so long to do it?  It's a night and day difference. So brace yourself for a post overload!