Friday, March 22, 2013

colored pencil roll


It's ANOTHER colored pencil roll...

These are so fun to make! 

(the attempt to be a cool photographer/blogger shot.)

The pattern is in Last Minute Patchwork & Quilted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson.  I've made several and blogged about just a few projects out of this book--I love it!

another colored pencil roll
puzzle ball

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

pink & blue stacked coins

Norene made these two stacked coin quilts. 
I did feathers in the sashing and swirls and stars in the coins. 

And here's the pink version.  Same thing only different :)  and bigger. 
feathers and curly-Q's with a few hearts thrown in the mix.  Love how these both turned out!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Antique 9-patch

Maxine had me quilt this antique 9-patch quilt that her mother had made loooong ago, most likely out of her old clothing.  Maxine added the 3 outer borders to make it bigger. 
I had some issues with the blocks ballooning, so I realised that when quilting them, I needed to somehow spiral my way around the outside and work my way to the middle in order to keep it from puckering.  So this rose design was what I ended up doing.  It worked out pretty well!
I like a feathered border! 
I'm so glad that this quilt is finally finished and can be used and appreciated, and not spend another year in a closet!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Farm Baby Quilt

Norene made this little farm baby quilt.

I did a funky feather in the borders and customised each block by outlining the animals. 

Such cute fabric! 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

July 4th Row Quilt

This is Katie's July 4th Row quilt!  Isn't it amazing!?  (sorry it's sideways!  I can't get it to rotate for the life of me.  argh.)  The story is... about 3 years ago we got some friends and family quilters to do a row exchange.  Each month you made a row to add to someone's quilt and it got passed around 8 times (8 months).  You might recall another I've quilted here
I had a lot of fun quilting it up.  I only had 3 thread color changes--navy, cream and a pink/orange/yellow varigated one. 

The row I made is the parade themed one.  With the light yellow background. 
I was pretty ambitious huh?!
Jan made the firecracker row.  Love how this block turned out.

Katie made this row: Fireworks!
Plenty of American flags...

Becki (the over-achiever!) made this row.  Paper-piece, applique, embroidery...  Love it!
How cool is this block? 
Where's my row quilt you may ask?  Still in the box, unassembled, collecting dust. 
It's on my finish-it-up list!!