Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hand Sewing Projects

Recently I like to try to keep a small hand sewing project going to keep me busy in long car rides, or for the times when your husband wants to watch a movie you'd really rather not see, but you agree to "watch" it with him just to keep the peace.  I've been working on hand quilting this little quilt for about 4 years.  Nothing fancy, just a yard of fabric that I stitched around the flowers and leaves. 

I could probably spend another year quilting on this thing and filling in more and more bare spots, but I'm sticking a fork in it and calling it done.  I guess I'm not that much of a hand quilter.  It's time to move on to another hand project...

...Hexies!  I'm going with all greens.  This will be a small project, a wall hanging or table topper or something.  Something in a manageable size that should take me another 4 years.  :)

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Anonymous said...

The little flower hexies are so cute! You need to put a different color around them so they stand out - blue, yellow, white, darker greens, etc. Do I need to bring you more greens?
- mom