Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Quilt #25

This little scrappy number was made by my MIL.

More feathers!  I'm really on a roll with these feathers-I just can't stop!

The back shows the quilting a bit better. 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Quilt #24- Scrappy 4-patch Stars Quilt

Waay back in February my Mom and sister and I were looking for a quilt to make on our next sewing weekend extravaganza.  I had just seen this quilt on Natalia's blog and thought it was one we could do.  It was scrappy, not super complicated to put together, but still looks pretty intricate.  It was a go!  Mom had all the measurements and dimensions figured out lickety-split. 

(There's one star center that the 4-patch is turned the wrong way.  Can you find it?)

More feathers!

It's amazing when how fast a quilt can come together when you have 4 or more people working on it!  Love this quilt!  It measures about 80" square. 

Monday, June 6, 2011

Sister-T Quilt

Here is another one of my sister's quilts.  T's!  It's hard to believe but these blocks are all the same! 

And this is how I quilted it- with Jenny's feather tutorial.  Jenny from Jenny's Doodling Needle does the Hooked feather-which I have done before, but she makes each hook super skinny so it looks like it's echoed.  I really like doing feathers this way, it's easier for me to make them look more consistent.  But not nearly as consistent as hers- she's got some amazing quilting on her blog. 

I pity the fool who doesn't love this quilt!   :)
Hope you love it Little Sista-Friend!