Monday, June 6, 2011

Sister-T Quilt

Here is another one of my sister's quilts.  T's!  It's hard to believe but these blocks are all the same! 

And this is how I quilted it- with Jenny's feather tutorial.  Jenny from Jenny's Doodling Needle does the Hooked feather-which I have done before, but she makes each hook super skinny so it looks like it's echoed.  I really like doing feathers this way, it's easier for me to make them look more consistent.  But not nearly as consistent as hers- she's got some amazing quilting on her blog. 

I pity the fool who doesn't love this quilt!   :)
Hope you love it Little Sista-Friend!


osito1663 said...

oh man! It looks awesome!!!! can't wait to see it in person. Thanks for letting me use a pieced batting too. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! It looks awesome! You do an awesome job on feathers yourself! ~ mom

Jenny said...

What are you talking about!?!? Your feathers look awesome!! Good job!!

Teresa said...

Love the quilt and the quilting! Good job to both. I'm thinking I need to make a "T" quilt for obvious reasons