Monday, November 28, 2011

Scrappy Baby Quilt for Briggs

Well, I finished another one of these scrappy baby quilts for a special little guy.  He's only 6 months old now (I'm really on top of things here!), but I got to meet him for the first time on Thanksgiving.  He sure is a cutie! 

This time I made a special center block.  B for Baby Boy Briggs.  I'm still in alphabet letter-making mode I guess.

I have fine-tuned my scrap block making in the last couple weeks by separating all my little scraps into shoe boxes.  I have one for yellows, blues, greens, pinks, and reds.  So now I keep a box close by my sewing machine and sew a random piece together here and there as a "leaders and enders" project.  Once I get a 10 inch block together, it gets squared up and put into a drawer with a stack of other blocks.  So I always have one of these little quilts almost ready to go! 

I used this cute Adventurer fabric for the back- I got it at Hancock Fabrics. 

Linking up once again to Megan's Sew Modern Monday--Check out some more neat projects!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A tree for Baby's room

I haven't blogged much lately.  Not because I don't have anything to post about (I have a lot actually), I just have been too busy to take the time to make a post! 

One major thing that has kept me busy is getting the baby's room ready.  Once we got the room painted, I decided to paint a tree.  I did a Google image search for "baby room tree" and found tons of inspiration! 

For the owl's eyes I traced a circle on some painter's tape and then used a 3/4 inch circle punch to remove the darker part of his eyes. 

And here is the finished tree complete with foliage and an owl.   The tree was vaguely penciled out, but mostly free-handed.  Not much different than free-motion quilting really.  I did draw out the owl though. 

(wow the color is really washed out in this pic!)

You can buy fancy decals that just stick onto the wall that are probably a lot quicker to do, but I just bought a tiny can of brown paint and some sponge brushes and spent less than $10 total.  The paint for the leaves we already had.  Oh yeah!  The crib will go under the owl like in the pic above. 

I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out!  My kiddo better like it too because it's staying up until he's 18-like it or not!  :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fall Blogger's Quilt Festival Entry

It's time for the Fall Blogger's Quilt Festival! 

If you are a new visitor to my little blog- welcome!  I have enjoyed sewing since my childhood days and have recently started a little longarm quilting business.  This blog features both- my various sewing projects and my longarm quilting. 

Here is my entry, Pieced Scrap Borders from Red Pepper Quilts.  (Free Tutorial Here.)  I started this quilt about a year ago (posted here and here) and finished it this summer.  (posted here)  My version has an added border.  I just love it!  I used up a lot of scraps with this one.  The white fabric is from an old bed sheet, and the back was a large piece my sister picked up at a garage sale.  The only fabric I actually bought was the binding. 

I quilted free-motion feathers on it.  If I were to quilt it again I think I would have picked a more contemporary design that would match the pattern better.  But I was really digging feathers at the time I guess! 

A peek at the back.