Monday, May 7, 2012

Tea Dying

I've been working on a little sewing project lately that required some light-yellow-brownish fabric.  I don't have light-yellow-brownish fabric, but I DO have a lot of light yellow fabric.  If only it were a little bit more brown...hmmm, I could tea dye it!  I have never dyed anything with tea before, but it's pretty simple.  Just brew up some strong tea and put your fabric in it. 

I've got one of those giant tea bags in there that makes a whole pitcher of tea.  I only had the one tea bag left otherwise I would have used 2. 

I let it soak for about 6 hours or so.  I kind of forget exactly how long.  But once I decided it was done, I rinsed it out until it squeezed out clear and let it air dry.  Then I gave it a good ironing.  The fabric on the left is the before and on the right is the dyed fabric.  Capturing the color difference on camera is a bit difficult, but the color turned out pretty well I think.

The coloring is a little mottled/spotty, probably because of how it was folded and wadded up in the tea bath.  And I probably could have poured more water into it so the fabric had more room to swim, but it's cool because it is going to turn into a tree trunk so it will look very natural.  Right??  Yes. 

Have you ever tried tea dying?  How did it turn out?  Do you like tea?  Do you prefer hot or iced? Sugar?  Lemon?  Honey?  In summer I like iced tea with a lemon.  In winter hot tea with honey. 

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