Monday, June 18, 2012

Fairies for Clara Jo

Peg just recently bought an embroidery machine and has been busy making all kinds of fun things for her grandchildren.  (three out of the four are little girls)  Yeah, I think she will get lots of use out of her machine! 

I outlined each fairy and filled in with flying loops.  It's impossible to see the quilting in the floral print (even when holding the quilt close!) but, I did a large flower in the print blocks and a feather around the border. 

I was concerned about having tension issues, but my Nolting was not phased at all. :)  She used a pretty stiff interfacing on the backs of the fairy blocks, and fleece for batting.  This was the first time I've quilted through fleece, and it was no problem at all.  Peg has already started on the next granddaughter quilt.  The theme: peacocks! 

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