Monday, July 2, 2012

Cardinal & Gold

My sister made this beauty.  Using two fabrics is unusual for her.  She usually uses more like 500!  This is a wedding gift for a Iowa State Cyclone fan so it is in the school colors.  It says "Go Cyclones!" in a very elegant way I think. 


For this one I did some custom quilting on it.  A feather border, feather wreaths in the center squares, scoop outlines in the gold triangles and circles in the gold squares.  And it's hard to see but theres a red border inside the HST border that I did some swirls in.

I think it turned out quite lovely.  This is pretty fancy quilting, at least for me it is!  I used Connecting Threads Essential Pro thread in a golden yellow color throughout.  OK I just looked it up-cornsilk is the color name. 

Go State!!


Karen said...

It is an elegant Cyclones quilt. I like the yellow fabric.

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

What a perfect Iowa State quilt!

My brother-in-law might need one....Hmmmmm

Go State!!