Wednesday, October 10, 2012

AQS Show: A teeney-tiny Sampling

Well the Show has come and gone.  Once again I was blown away at the show quilts and by all the vendors. 
This was in the Japanese quilt display.  The designs in these blocks are all hand embroidered. 
Another awesome quilt in the Japanese display. 

This one was in the DMAQG Pineapple quilts display.  Whoa.
Each of those pineapple layers is 1/4 inch wide!  And it was all paper pieced. 

This is one of the many amazing quilts in the "Stitch like an Egyptian" display- all of which were for sale.  All hand embroidered and appliqued.  Very cool.
There was also a display of improvisational medallion quilts.  I really liked this one.  The flowers in the pots are not appliqued, it's just the fabric.  Very clever! 
That's pretty much all the quilt photos I took! 
And this little trooper took it all in.  He didn't even mind giving himself his bottle while Mom wandered around all the quilts.  :)

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Karen said...

I saw the first quilt and thought of you as well. I like sashiko. Supposedly there are machines that can do that.