Friday, November 22, 2013

Star Value--Do. Good Stitches Haven Group Quilt

It's finished!  This is the September quilt for my Do. Good Stitches Haven group.  I had each member make a block from Melissa's Star Value tutorial.  Yep, it's all made from one block!  

First of all- I'm so jealous of everyone else's fabrics!  There are lots of neat and vibrant colors and prints in here.  You could sit under it for hours looking at each one.  

And I must say that everyone did such a great job piecing.  I only had maybe a couple spots where I had trouble matching corners.  That's pretty good for having 10 different people working on a project!

As you can see- I had fun custom quilting it too!  In each star is a geometric design.  Each gray diamond is zig-zag meandered around and inside is a loop design.  Then in the light area I kept it simple with a meander and a flower here and there in the larger areas.  

The label.  We have fancy custom printed labels to put on our quilts.  The binding fabric I bought on a whim on a "end of the bolt" sale.  I knew it would make great binding fabric and looked the best with this quilt out of all the other fabrics I auditioned.  

I'm going to hate to see this quilt go.  I really love it.  And some friends who saw me working on it loved it too and wanted the link to the pattern.  

The back is a vintage sheet I had picked up at a yard sale this summer.  It was a bit of a buggar to hand bind through this thing.  I had to come up with a make-shift leather thimble--a piece from an old purse I had laying around.  (See that's why you keep junk like that around!)  That helped out a lot, but it still took longer than usual to get it bound.  


I want to give a special Big Thanks to Jessica who helped me finish this quilt.  This quilt is going to a Women's Shelter in Rochester New York.  I hope whoever is the recipient loves this quilt as much as I do!

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Anonymous said...

This quilt is beautiful. I love the scrappy feel. It is so bright and cheery.

Frances said...

Beautiful quilt. I love your use of grey and neutrals. I can why you will miss it.

Little Island Quilting said...

Completely love this quilt.

Jasmine said...

I love how the colors and neutrals all play together so well in this quilt. Your FMQ is so much fun. It makes me want to go play. Great job, I am sure that this quilt will do some good. ;)

Kat said...

Beautiful! I love the colors and your quilting. What a great bee block!

knottygnome said...

wow!!! it is absolutely gorgeous. thank you so much for all of your effort. i am super jealous of whoever gets to use this quilt too!

Courtney said...

Amazing, i had no idea when I was making a block that this would be the outcome. I mean, I got the whole secondary design thing, but so much more amazing than I imagined! Your quilting really made it shine!

Sarah said...

This quilt is gorgeous! I love blocks that produce secondary patterns. This quilt is the reason I found your blog, through Courtney's link to it.

Melissa Corry said...

What a beautiful finish!!! So glad to see this tutorial being used for such an amazing cause :) I just love all of the scrappy goodness and your quilting is absolutely fantastic!! Great job to everyone in the Haven Group!!

Beth said...

This quilt turned out so beautiful! Beautiful work by lots of talented people!