Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Countdown to Christmas

I made myself a Countdown to Christmas calendar last year and a friend mentioned wanting one herself.  So I made her this one this year. 

I used a charm pack plus a few squares out of some of my stash and this 'Gnome for the holidays' fabric. Its pretty adorable.

I used fusible web on felt for the numbers, but some of them came off or were peeled off by a certain munchkin. So I used some fabric hot glue to put them back on. Which ended up looking kind of messy. That stuff hardens up fast! And I burned my fingers a little in the process. Why I ended up buying hot fabric glue sticks instead of regular fabric glue I don't know. Ah well.

We have ours up and going, but we sometimes forget about it. I still have a few goodies and things to put in some of the pockets too. But it is a fun tradition to look forward to each year.

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