Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Coral:: DGS January

So, way back in January, it was my month to choose a quilt for our Haven circle for Do.Good Stitches. I found this Coral quilt from Angela Walters free patterns and loved it. I wanted to quilt it! I had each of our 10 members make 3 blocks using pink or turquoise with a gray background.

My Mom helped me figure out the layout--alternating the colors diagonally. I just needed to make 2 more pink blocks to make it work.  A few gals sent some big gray squares for the end rows. Thanks so much for that!
(no quilt is complete unless a baby has crawled on it!)

And here it is all done!

I used a turquoise thread in the gray and the turquoise blocks, then switched to pink and went back to do the pink ones.

Each block is outlined with a ruler and filled with a different design.

I was doing pretty good thinking up different designs, but my creativity was starting to run thin towards the end. So, there might be a couple similar looking blocks, but they are all different.

The back featured some pretty big butterflies and our little label. The striped pink binding pulls it all together. It finished at 72 by 63 inches--a nice throw size. This is the first quilt to go to our new charity, Redeemed Ministries.

Thanks Haven-ites for making such stellar blocks--as always.

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