Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Joet's Baby quilt

Joet made this adorable baby quilt using polo and Hawaiian shirts. She has made one similar before.

I quilted it with feathered swirls. She had me bind it as well. I did this on my regular machine by stitching the double fold binding to the back, then topstitching it down from the front.

The back turned out really nice.
2X3 flat Lego brick is there for scale purposes. :)

Thanks Joet!

And here is my DGS Haven circle block for October. Love these quirky little butterflies. It is just four 3.5 inch squares that you stitch and flip 2 wonky butterfly wings onto. It will make a 12 inch finished block. So simple, yet I had to redo one 3 times! I just couldn't get that wing to flip over enough!

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