Friday, February 3, 2017

Boxed pencil pouches

It all started when someone on my Christmas list requested a pencil case.  I found some great tutorials for these boxed pencil pouches and thought I would give it a try. SO fun and quick! 

I had stocked up on a whole bunch of fun and fancy zippers back when Hancock Fabrics was closing out. I was almost kicking myself for buying so many zippers without having a project for them.

So I ended up making pouches for (just about) everyone on my Christmas list.

I would cut out 3 or 4 at a time and sew them together in an assembly line. I got so I could sew up 3 or 4 in an hour.

This one's Katie's. I happened to have a scrap with her name stitched on it- making it the perfect tag.

The sewing ladies went to my Mom.

The goofy veggies went to my little nieces and nephews.  Inside them all I put some homemade hot chocolate mix and some mini-marshmallows for a yummy holiday treat.

Here is another batch.

It is very easy to adjust the size of the pouch to whatever size zipper you happen to have. Most of these are 7 inch zippers. Some were a bit longer. The 7 inch ones are still long enough to hold a pen or pencil, plus whatever else your little heart desires.

The linings were just machine stitched shut with a very narrow seam allowance.

These were a fun little project that added a little homemade touch to my Christmas gifts.

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Becki Petersen said...

I absolutely LOVE my bag!! And what a score on the zippers!