Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Iowa Hawkeyes Quilt

Ronda made this huge Iowa Hawkeye quilt.  The batting was actually a wool blanket. (Just barely big enough, but I got it to work!)

I quilted paisleys, swirls, and a section of big pebbles every so often.  I added a few "I's" and stars in there too.

As an Iowa State Alum this was a little painful for me to quilt. (jk) But just look at the definition the wool batting has! Love that!

It was also pretty darn heavy! I weighed the whole quilt out of curiosity. 
(that's a Duplo lego there for scale purposes.)

11 pounds!

It measures 107 by 83 inches, so it's a big one.
Thanks Ronda!

Go Cyclones! ;)


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I agree, Go Cyclones!! The quilt is a beauty, for sure!

Becki Petersen said...

Yeah, go Cyclones, but I have a couple of weddings coming up of some serious Hawkeye fans so may borrow this idea.