Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Isn't it Cool?!

Quilt #7--this one was made by my sister.  Isn't it cool?!  She just used scraps and made random blocks.  Some traditional, some improv, some are wonky, some are not.

  I was planning on quilting a feathery design in the zig-zag part, and then doing something different in the blocks, but then thought that there is already so much going on in this quilt- so much to look at, that it didn't need any competition or more distraction with the quilting...  
Maybe I chickened out with my more complicated and super time-consuming idea and realized that the quilting would be hard to see in the zig-zag part anyways (gray thread on gray fabric) and went with something much simpler.  Maybe.  :)

I did half-hooked feathers in the border and swirls.  *One of my favorite blocks.

No, this is not the same picture I keep posting--I actually added another block to my table runner.  :)


osito1663 said...

Oh man! I've been looking forward to getting this one back. :) I think I'm due for another use-em-up scrap project, so this is motivating. Awesome!

side note: my least favorite blocks were the ones I ended up cutting in half.

beckip said...

It's good to finally see this one in completion. osito1663, my scrap basket is full again! Feel free to help yourself.....