Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ticker Tape Quilt

Hey it's a little Ticker Tape Quilt!  You can find the tutorial from Amandajean of Crazy Mom Quilts here.  These are super fun to make by the way. 

The back.  This will keep the little black apple dolly posted here nice and toasty warm. 


Anonymous said...

How cute! I recognize some of those fabrics!
- Mom

Sara @ Sew Sweetness said...

Cool! I love the rainbow of fabrics that you chose and the different-sized pieces! Looks awesome!

Kris said...

This is darling! I am inspired to make one like it for a friend who has a 6 month old baby that I adore. It is so bright and cheerful. Great job!

Sarah and Thea said...

Beautiful!!! Keeping baby toasty warm :) Thanks Aunt Jenny!