Thursday, April 14, 2011

Received! Make Mine Modern Swap

 It's Here!!

My package came from Brighton, UK and made by the lovely Sarah of Pings & Needles.  I've never "met" Sarah, but I can assume she is lovely because of the lovely goodies she made me.  Check them out!  (Notice the handmade card.)

What could this cute little wallet hold?  (notice the vintage pearl button)

A spot of tea anyone?!  And check out that awesome pencil.   

But this takes the cake!  This picture doesn't do it justice.  (you can see a better pic here)  Each leaf is machine stitched down AND outlined/quilted by hand with embroidery thread!  Do you see the butterfly?  and the birdcage?  how cute is that??  But I think the grass adds the best touch. 

Complete with a fancy-schmancy label.  Love that binding!

 Oh! And the fabric!  Ooh La-La!

I LOOOVE it all!!  I can't wait to hang this up in my sewing room!  Thank you soo much Sarah for sending your crafty awesomeness across the pond to live with me! 

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osito1663 said...

That tree is so cute! and very "Jenny"