Monday, October 10, 2011

Hexie and Alphabet projects update

Do you remember back in the beginning of the year when I started working on these hexagons?  No?  Well the post about it is here.  And this is my progress so far.  I just laid out the "flowers" to see how big it is.  So far only only about 5 or 6 flowers are actually connected together.  But I think I am going to make this tree wall hanging for Baby's room with them. 

Hmm, after just re-visiting my inspiration pic, I am thinking that my treetop is pretty huge.  It may need some pruning to scale it down. 

And here is my alphabet so far.  Only a few letters left!  I think I might re-do the 'N' because
1) it looks more like an 'H' and
2) I accidentally used the same fabric as the 'A'.  I can't have that! 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love the hex tree! What a cute idea! You could make a forest with the hex's you have done. And how cool to make two boo boo's in the same block - you're getting good. I think your letters look awesome!

~ mom