Monday, December 19, 2011

Another Scrappy Baby Quilt

This one I made is for little Rya. 

Perhaps avid readers of my blog will recall the letter N in my alphabet quilt project that I said needed to be re-done will recognize that it has been re-made into these new letters.  3 letters in your name is just the right amount for this quilt block. 

Super scrappy, and super random quilting. 

Just so you know--I make each block 10" (9.5 inches finished) and use 2.5"  strips (2 inches finished)for the sashing. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Embroidered Baby Quilts

These 2 baby quilts were embroidered by Rose.  They are pretty adorable!

Swirling water and with a few fishes thrown in is what was quilted in this one.

And how sweet is this one?

All-over Curly-Q's and flowers seemed to fit the bill here.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Peggy's Christmas Quilts

Peggy had me quilt these 4 fun little Christmas quilts.  One for each of her adult children and one for herself.  They have seen the quilt tops, so I'm not spoiling any surprises here.  :)

This first one I did free-motion feathers.  I used a Holiday variegated thread which really turned out nice with her festive colors.

The back.

Quilt #2...

...and the back.  The quilting on this one goes along with the design in one of the light fabrics. 

Quilt #3 was curly-Q's and holly leaves.  See where I got the idea for curly-Q's??

And #4 was loops and holly leaves. 

These were the last quilts I did on my old longarm machine.  That's right- I purchased a new longarm about a month ago! (I'm really good at keeping this blog up to date huh?)  It's a Nolting Fun Quilter 20".  I think I have finally gotten to the point where I'm comfortable with it.  It takes a while to get used to the feel of a different machine- much like driving a different car.  Perhaps I will share my new machine with you in another post.  But for now, I have more holiday quilting to do!