Sunday, January 15, 2012

Last Quilt of 2011

Well, I have yet to turn on any type of sewing machine so far this year, and have barely set foot in the basement other than to fetch something from the freezer.  But I think I have a good excuse--I just had a baby! 

So this was my last big quilting finish of the year-meaning I quilted it about a month ago... It was pieced by Norene as a Christmas gift.  This quilt made my feet swell and my back ache something terrible--but I think it turned out great!

Hooked feather borders, Stitch in the ditch along the smaller border...

...and a free-motion filler in the middle.  See how I copied the red flower motif that is in the dark brown squares on the left?  I also threw in some feathers, double loop-D-loops, and lots of swirls.

Being my last quilt I quilted for the year- my total was 47!  I know I was a little short of my goal of a quilt a week, but I really lost steam the second half of my pregnancy and couldn't tolerate being on my feet for very long.  BUT that being said, I did actually have over 52 total quilts in my possession to be quilted, so I consider that a success!

  Hmmm...how many will 2012 bring??

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