Friday, December 28, 2012

Embroidered Quilt and a lesson in thread quantity

I am still holding out on posts of my handmade Christmas gifts. Another week yet! 
So here's a quilt I did up earlier this month.  Pat made this one including the embroidery.  It was huge!

She requested the suggested quilting lines from the pattern. 
I modified them ever-so-slightly to minimize the number of stops.

The back.  Pat provided the thread for this one- 2 little 250 yard dark red spools.  I was concerned that wouldn't be enough.  Especially since this one measured 105 by 107 inches.  But since I just used it for the top sashings, there was plenty.  Granted my quilting was not too dense which helped.  But this was a good little lesson for me.  I really don't pay much attention to how much thread a quilt uses.  I know I can do several quilt tops with a 3,315 yard spool, but I don't think I could come within 100 yards if I had to guess. 
So now I know: 500 yards should do a queen size (not including the bobbin). 

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