Monday, December 31, 2012

QCR QAL Blocks 5 and 6: 4 and 9-Patch

Scrappy version.  I tried to jazz my blocks up a bit this time and made the center curves a contrasting color.  I like it!

Official version.  This time I turned the darker patches away from the center.  Gives it a bit if a different look!  This was the trickiest block to do so far.  But it wasn't too bad. 
But then here's the next block- 9-patch.  I guess the 4-patch was just practice! 
Scrappy version. 
I sometimes have a hard time finding big enough chunks of fabric in my scraps for these blocks.  They measure 16.5 inches square.  Since the yellows matched really well, I had to piece my plaid strips to make them wide enough.  Works for me! :)  So making the scrappy block usually takes me longer than the official version.

Official version.  I really like how it turned out!
I've shocked myself that I've been able to keep up with the QAL so far.  Especially over the holidays.  But we still have a long way to go, so there is still plenty of time to get off track.  ha ha.
Happy New Year!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Embroidered Quilt and a lesson in thread quantity

I am still holding out on posts of my handmade Christmas gifts. Another week yet! 
So here's a quilt I did up earlier this month.  Pat made this one including the embroidery.  It was huge!

She requested the suggested quilting lines from the pattern. 
I modified them ever-so-slightly to minimize the number of stops.

The back.  Pat provided the thread for this one- 2 little 250 yard dark red spools.  I was concerned that wouldn't be enough.  Especially since this one measured 105 by 107 inches.  But since I just used it for the top sashings, there was plenty.  Granted my quilting was not too dense which helped.  But this was a good little lesson for me.  I really don't pay much attention to how much thread a quilt uses.  I know I can do several quilt tops with a 3,315 yard spool, but I don't think I could come within 100 yards if I had to guess. 
So now I know: 500 yards should do a queen size (not including the bobbin). 

Sunday, December 16, 2012


Joyce made this one.  She calls it Crossroads. 
I quilted something kind of new for me.  Kind of an all-over feathered paisley swirl thing going on.

I think it's a keeper!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

One Christmas Gift Done!

I have been doing some Christmas gift sewing lately, as I'm sure most of you have been too.  Most of my little projects I will have to post later.  Don't want any spoiling going on!  But here is one that I can share.  I made a little bag for our niece using a piece of vinyl/cloth stuff. 
And I even put in a recessed zipper!  And check out my snazzy zipper pull.  Those poor square beads have been waiting since the early '90's to be re-purposed from old stretched out hair-ties.  All those years in a button jar have finally paid off!  The colors matched perfectly! 
Inside are the real goods.  I'm kinda clueless as to what  9-year-old girls are into these days.  But I happened upon a Scholastic book fair at the local library and found this passbook thingy that looked pretty fun.  You pass it to all your friends and classmates and there are tons of fun little things to fill out like your favorite books, websites, and songs, and goofy stories you might have about the books owner.  And how fun is that mustache pencil-topper eraser?!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

QCR QAL #3: Rail Fence blocks

Block #3 in the Quick Curve Ruler Quilt-A-Long: Rail Fence!  I made this block while visiting my folks for Thanksgiving, which means I totally raided Mom's Kaffe stash!  (it was her idea!) 
I was curious how the units would look turned this way.  I like it!  But Mom voted for the suggested layout and I obliged. 

So this is my scrappy version. 
(no fingers were injured in the making of this block)
The other version I made back at home, but not without some "help".  My little guy likes to sit on my lap and help me sew.  He even runs the backstitch!  (usually where it's not necessary...)  And he likes to pull pins and is really good at finding the seam ripper and my sharp scissors.  Oof.  Gotta stay alert with this kiddo!  If I can sew these curves with a squirmy 11 month old on my lap, anyone can do it!
Not quick enough with the camera...
The "official" version.
And here's everybody together so far!  Top row is my "official version" and the bottom is the "scrappy practice version".  Lookin good!  I am just LOVING this QAL.  Rumor has it the next block we are "curving it up" is the 4-patch.  Hmmm.  Can't wait to see it and make it!
You can see everyone else's blocks in the Flickr group.  There are links to all the tutorials there too!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

What is Black and White and quilted all over?

A team of ladies made this quilt for a niece that just got married.  Isn't this a cool quilt?!
They looked through my binder of doodles and drawings and picked out a couple they liked.  They decided on this butterfly ribbon design with a few flowers here and there for the border. 
In the center I did flowers, swirls and leaves.  It's hard to see the quilting in the busy-ness of the fabric.  I had to really pay attention to where I was quilting with this one!
I quilted some loops and butterflies, then a flower (maybe every 12 inches or so).  Then I would double back over my loops until I got back to where I started.  Then I would "jump" back to my last flower and do it all again.