Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Triple 4-patch

My family sewing team made this triple 4-patch quilt as a wedding gift for my cousin this spring.  I know a couple few family members check the blog every once in a while, but I am taking the risk that they won't spoil it for us!!
 I believe the pattern was in Fons and Porter sometime last fall.  We made the blocks a bit bigger than the pattern called for.  We made the smallest squares 1 inch finished instead of 3/4.  (--the one year old is in there for scale purposes :P--)  I really love how it turned out!  Each of us cut out squares from our stashes so we had it all cut out and ready to go by the time we got together.  And it has a nice variety of fabrics as a result. 
I quilted an all-over swirly/feathery conglomeration. 
Here is a peek at the back. 


Shannon Mower said...

What a beautiful baby and quilt! It is a wonderful wedding present. Thanks for sharing it!

Anonymous said...

It does look awesome, doesn't it?! I trust the family members will keep shhhh about it! You forgot to mention, though, that with a lot of planning a pre-sewing, we did this top in a weekend (except for sewing the last few rows together). Grahm and Malcolm were so good all weekend, but by 5 pm on Sunday they were as tuckered out as we were. A lot of fun, though, and ready to do it again!
~ mom