Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Using it up- Black, white and Red

Norene (also my MIL) was recently on a mission to use up all her black, white and red fabrics and ended up with 3 quilts!  This one she laughs at since it's so wacky looking, but I told her "it's a modern quilt!"  I really should show this one last since it used up the last bits from her other 2 quilts...

I decided to do something "modern" looking and wanted to do these super swirls.  Inspired from Emily's quilting on this quilt
Quilt #2

Here is another design I wanted to try.

I will admit that it took me a little bit to figure out how to end up in the direction I wanted to go with this one.  It's all in which direction your hook goes.  If you want to go right, make your hook to the right.  And if you realize you goofed up, just do one less echo or layer and it will be all good.  :)

I got the design from this flyer in the mail.  Just to prove to you that I'm really not that creative-I get all my designs from various places! 

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Shannon Mower said...

I like that quilting pattern you chose. It's a great idea to get inspiration from magazines. You did a great job, did you change it to a pantograph?