Sunday, March 3, 2013

July 4th Row Quilt

This is Katie's July 4th Row quilt!  Isn't it amazing!?  (sorry it's sideways!  I can't get it to rotate for the life of me.  argh.)  The story is... about 3 years ago we got some friends and family quilters to do a row exchange.  Each month you made a row to add to someone's quilt and it got passed around 8 times (8 months).  You might recall another I've quilted here
I had a lot of fun quilting it up.  I only had 3 thread color changes--navy, cream and a pink/orange/yellow varigated one. 

The row I made is the parade themed one.  With the light yellow background. 
I was pretty ambitious huh?!
Jan made the firecracker row.  Love how this block turned out.

Katie made this row: Fireworks!
Plenty of American flags...

Becki (the over-achiever!) made this row.  Paper-piece, applique, embroidery...  Love it!
How cool is this block? 
Where's my row quilt you may ask?  Still in the box, unassembled, collecting dust. 
It's on my finish-it-up list!!

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Shannon Mower said...

I love this quilt it looks awesome! Your custom quilting, especially on the star block is stunning.