Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Twin Baby quilts

Cathy is becoming a first time grandma with a set of twins!  A boy and a girl who could be arriving anytime soon, but hopefully after Christmas to avoid any NICU time.  Anyway, she asked me to make them baby quilts much like the baby quilts her kids had.  Just a simple whole-cloth quilt and the girl quilt had to have ruffles.  "Ok, I can do that", I said.  

She supplied all the fabric and ruffles.  For the boy I did a boy-ish swirl with triangles around them instead of feathers.  I happened to have the same kind of dot in orange in my own stash and took it upon myself to use that instead of the same blue dot for the binding.  

And here's the pink one.  I layered the fabrics and sewed around the edge leaving a space for opening.  Then I pinned the ruffle around it and stitched that on all the way around again.  I had to go back and fix a few spots where I caught a fold in the ruffle.  Then I flipped it right-side out, gave it a press, and top stitched the opening shut.  

Then it went on the longarm.  I wouldn't recommend putting a piece on any larger than this that already has all the layers stitched together like this.  That's because once it's on the rollers, it pulls the layers like a rolled up magazine--unevenly.  I didn't have any issues with it, but it was on the verge of being a problem.  So keep it under a yard when doing this!

Anyway, I quilted a girly flowery, swirly, leafy design on the pink one.  Best of luck with the twins Cathy!

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