Saturday, April 5, 2014

Maple Leaf Quilt

Donna made this lovely Maple Leaf quilt.  

I quilted feathers in the outside border, leaves in the smaller border, and loops in the sashings.  

I had a hard time finding some inspiration on what to custom quilt inside the leaves.  After searching several images, I figured out that I was pretty much on my own.  But that was ok after all.  I had fun inventing my own designs.  So perhaps if you are searching for ideas yourself, I hope these will help you out.  This one I did a leafy branched feather in each lobe.

In these smaller leaves, it's hard to see well, but I just did a few long pointy leaves branching from the leaf petiole.

This one is similar to the other large one, only in the traditional rounded feather shape.

This one I just did simple large bubbles.  

A pointy feather in this one.  Thanks for letting me quilt your special maple leaf quilt Donna!

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Anonymous said...

Love what you did with the leaves! Makes each unique!
~ mom