Monday, April 7, 2014

Norene's Sampler Quilt

Norene made this neat sampler quilt.  Such bright, fun colors!

I did a lot of custom work on this quilt, as each block required some thought and deliberation before attacking them.  The fabrics were all swirls, so I incorporated that into the quilting as well. 

This has become my new favorite pinwheel design.  The idea for it came from my own noggin, but I'm not saying it's my own original idea.  I'm sure someone else has done it before, it's really very simple.  But it is pretty quick to do and is not too dense of a design, which I like.  I've done another little variation of it on a recent quilt, so stay tuned for that post.

These little strips in the border were tricky to come up with an idea for.  I ended up extending the swirls from the blue sashings, and more swirls to fill the little green strip.  And curly feathers in the wide border.

Lots of C2C's, loops, and swirls.  Oh how these sampler quilts are a challenge, but they do turn out pretty in the end.  yeah??  

Thanks for stopping by!


Jean said...

The quilting is gorgeous! Great job!

Anonymous said...

Really like your border quilting (the rest is cool too!)
~ mom