Thursday, June 5, 2014

Winter Snowstorm

Sharon's mother made this neat quilt top before she passed away 10+ years ago.  It has been in Sharon's closet ever since just needing to be finished.  Now Sharon's mom had a longarm that Sharon inherited, and 5 years ago I bought that machine from her and thus started my longarm quilting journey.  And so this is kind of a special full circle kind of quilt.  

Her only request was to quilt swirls to make it look like a snowstorm, and since her mother always quilted a heart in all of her quilts, I was to sneak a heart in somewhere.  

I quilted each house differently. 

Can you see where I quilted the heart?

The pieced border and flying geese got a little special treatment with c2c and such.  The narrow border got a pine-y looking treatment.

I used a gray thread in the dark areas, and then switched to white for the 'snowstorm' and white triangles in the border.  Although I no longer have her machine, (I upgraded to a Nolting 20" Fun quilter 2.5 years ago) it was her love of quilting that somehow trickled down long after her passing and ignited my love of longarm quilting.  And what would I be doing if I wasn't keeping busy longarm quilting?  Probably living in a much cleaner house, with my kitchen and dining room painted looking like a page out of magazine.  riiight.  Probably more like a LOT of time playing Bejeweled or internet hearts or something.  That's no good.  


Anonymous said...

Well, we are glad you decided to get involved in longarm quilting! Your "snowstorms" look awesome!
~ Mom

Katie Rock said...

What a great story!