Monday, January 26, 2015


This fall I realized that neither of my littles have a Christmas stocking.  My MIL made my hubs and I stockings several years ago.  My son had been using the one I had as a child until now. So now with little sis in the mix, I was on a mission to make them their own. 

I was inspired by Jenny Pedigo's quilted stockings, but also wanted to include a bit of patchwork too. And because of where they are hung, they will be seen on both sides. So they got a quit-job on the front and back. I FINALLY tried out my new ruler base and foot for my Nolting. Just 2 months after I bought them. So here are my first attempts at ruler work to be put on display for all to see every December. Can you tell I'm horrible at rulers??

Allison's tutorial  was very useful for the cuff/lining/turning it all right side out part. I used a glitter-glue pen for their names.

The backs! Santa puts an apple and orange in the bottom, just like when I was a kid. Along with a few other toys and things.

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Anonymous said...

Cute stockings!
~ Mom