Monday, April 27, 2015

Alyce's T-shirt and a baby quilt

Well, it's spring and you know what that means.... 

It's T-Shirt quilt time!!
The end of a school year and graduation always leads to several t-shirt quilts for me. They are so fun to quilt! I think its because each one is different and they can really tell a story about who they are and what activities they were involved in. Plus the quilting really shows up nice on knit.

Alyce made this T-shirt quilt for her client and I got to quilt it.

These high school T-shirts were from the mid to late nineties--about the time I was in high school, so it was kinda cool to see this Forrest Gump shirt. Oh man. People would call me "Jennnnnnaaay" all the time. Don't miss that!!

I wasn't sure if this was for a guy or a girl. My guess would be girl because of the running red girl in the upper right, but I decided to play it safe with some pretty gender neutral but still pretty cool looking paisley swirls. 

Susie made this adorable farm baby quilt. Sorry these are sideways.

I kept it very simple here with an all over swirl.

Thanks Alyce and Susie for the fun quilts. Stay tuned for more t-shirt quilt quilting!


Becki Petersen said...

I never thought of spring being T-shirt quilt time, but see that is very true!

Anonymous said...

You did a fine job on the T-shirt quilt. My client was so happy!! Can't wait to send more work your way. ~Aurora by Alyce