Thursday, April 9, 2015

Weaver Fever

Joyce made this quilt for our local Sewing Circle to raffle this summer. The pattern is called 'Weaver Fever". Normally the sewing circle would hand quilt their raffle quilts, but due to all the small pieces in this one, thought it would be better if I quilted it. OK!

I really struggled on how to quilt this printed border fabric. I finally decided to use Angela Walter's brackets to highlight the fuschia flowers and did some lines to fill the space. 

The brackets I did freehand, but I think I should have maybe made a template to trace instead. Next time...

I did quilt inside the brackets a little, along the stems. 

Free-motion feathers in the center!


Anonymous said...

A very pretty quilt!
~ Mom

Katie Rock said...

love the border quilting!