Friday, April 15, 2016

Chloe's Chevron quilt

Joyce's granddaughter made this cool quilt.  She is only in high school and did a really great job on a pattern that is probably not the easiest.  I'm starting off with a shot of the back--solid blue. Woo hoo-I love a solid backing!

The front.  She requested following the chevrons in the center and flowers in the border. Very nice choices I think!

I incorporated a variety of flower patterns in the border. I like it a lot.

This quilt was done before my machine was fixed so I had to quilt each zig-zag line from the left to right, then move the machine back to the left side. Each time. The thread would break every few inches when quilting from right to left.

Since the points of her chevrons didn't always match up between the blue sashing, I decided to quilt in the center in each strip instead of in the ditch.  This way I could make the corners centered in that narrow blue sashing every time where it is very noticeable.

Even with a goofed up machine, quilting this one was fun! Thanks Joyce and great job Chloe- Grandma has taught you well!

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Becki Petersen said...

What a challenging quilt, Chloe! I love the gradation of the blues from light to dark. And, Jenny, that flower border! Totally awesome! I hope you enjoyed doing it because you'll be getting lots of requests for that one from now on!