Monday, May 23, 2016


Becki (aka, my Mom) made this Buggy Barn quilt called Convoy.  This is the third and final one she has made for her little grandsons.  This time it's for us! Well, my son actually.  I think she is very glad to be done with these quilts!

I quilted them similarly to the other two--a different background in each and a different design in the truck and in the wheels.  Yeah, this one will stretch your creativity!

Oak leaves and diamonds

hearts and a fancy swirl on this one.

these guys just needed to be outlined and sid around the green detailed parts.

The HST rows got big pebbles and a straight meander.

Except for a couple rows got a c2c with a swirl just to change things up a little.

The large border got a squared swirl and the narrow dark green border got some double bubbles.

Taa Daa!  I don't think my son has any idea that this one is for him. I think he will be pleasantly surprised when he does get it.  He was not around very much when I was quilting on it.  It might not be until Christmas when he does get it, so he will have forgotten all about it by then anyway.

If you like this quilt, guess what?!  There's another Convoy coming up next!

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Becki Petersen said...

It looks more awesome in person where you can really study your quilting! They were fun to make, but three is a bit much! I have some left over blocks and think I will use them to make a charity baby quilt for my quilt guild since they need baby quilts.

Thanks, Jenny! Another awesome job!