Friday, October 21, 2016

Susie's- A quilt for every season

This is the second installment of Susie's quilts. A quilt for every season! She's had these quilt tops done for a long time. They are older than my kids she says. (oldest is 4.) First up is this sampler in a fall apple theme.

I custom quilted the borders with feathers, swirls and leaves.

The center was filled with more of the same motifs.

Blue backing.

I guess this one is still fall, but more late fall than the early fall apple quilt. :)

Love how these fabrics were put together- gourds, leaves, pumpkins, acorns...

I did an all-over with lots of leaves and swirls.

These are all free-motion.

Lastly is this Christmas panel.

In my red, white and green variegated thread I did an all-over of holly leaves, stars and loops.

I used red in the bobbin for the red back.

Thanks Susie!

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