Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Convoy- Pat's

Pat made this Buggy Barn Convoy, and actually made them going uphill like the pattern directions and not in rows like the ones my Mom made. Which makes it a little trickier to quilt, but I was able to fit most of the truck blocks into my quilting space, so that helped.

She liked the way I had quilted ones my Mom made, so I followed suit with different backgrounds and designs in the dump trucks. And the wheel hubs too!

Thanks Pat, your quilt turned out so nice and I had fun quilting it!

Monday, May 23, 2016


Becki (aka, my Mom) made this Buggy Barn quilt called Convoy.  This is the third and final one she has made for her little grandsons.  This time it's for us! Well, my son actually.  I think she is very glad to be done with these quilts!

I quilted them similarly to the other two--a different background in each and a different design in the truck and in the wheels.  Yeah, this one will stretch your creativity!

Oak leaves and diamonds

hearts and a fancy swirl on this one.

these guys just needed to be outlined and sid around the green detailed parts.

The HST rows got big pebbles and a straight meander.

Except for a couple rows got a c2c with a swirl just to change things up a little.

The large border got a squared swirl and the narrow dark green border got some double bubbles.

Taa Daa!  I don't think my son has any idea that this one is for him. I think he will be pleasantly surprised when he does get it.  He was not around very much when I was quilting on it.  It might not be until Christmas when he does get it, so he will have forgotten all about it by then anyway.

If you like this quilt, guess what?!  There's another Convoy coming up next!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Homebase, Bitty Blocks

May is my month to pick out a quilt design for my Do.Good Stitches Haven circle. I picked out another Bee Hive block from Blossom Heart Quilts. Homebase.  (we did Wanta Fanta last year) I love this block. It is very simple to make and makes a really cool secondary pattern when the blocks are put together.  I have been receiving blocks in the mail already and they are looking great!

Becki (aka Mom) made this adorable baby quilt called Bitty Blocks.

I tried out an all-over paisley swirl design from Whirls and Swirls.

So cute!

Thanks Becki!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Heart Twister

Linda made this adorable heart twister wallhanging.

I quilted a large heart in the center with a few curls inside, then feathers around that in the mostly red areas.

Around the outside I did curls with little hearts, and SID the red border.

The backside.
Thanks Linda!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Splendid Sampler blocks

Here are a few of my latest Splendid Sampler blocks.

Basket #18

measure twice, cut once. #19

This was a bonus block that came out on Easter. A bit intimidating to me as I have never done applique this intricate by hand. But it was too cute not to try and this project is all about learning new things and going a outside of our comfort zone.  It's just one 6 inch block and not a whole queen sized quilt. I can do this! (right?) I had to break out of my 30's fabrics with the bunnies. I just couldn't do a pink bunny with little kids playing on it!

#21-This is the candy block.  I love those strawberry candies where the wrapper looks like a strawberry, so that was what I was going for with this one. This simple block was very welcomed after a few intricate ones.

Another bonus block--Earth Day!  I machine appliqued this one. ;) I even tilted it on it's axis.

Block #16 Pieces of Friendship

Block #15-This one was paper pieced. I love this block design!  We are officially 1/4 of the way through as block #26 was just posted today. A Dresden! You can find all the block patterns here.

I attended a baby shower a couple weeks ago where we all got henna tattoos. Kinda looks like a quilting design! I've never gotten a henna tattoo before (or a regular tattoo for that matter.) and it was kinda fun!  It's been a couple of weeks now and it has pretty much faded into my freckled oblivion.  But I sure enjoyed it while it lasted!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

From the Beginning--A new original pattern

I'm SO excited to finally be able to share this quilt with you! My sister Katie has been wanting to dip her toes into the pattern business for a long time now.  She has always been good at doing puzzles, logic puzzles, and is very creative as well, so this new adventure is right up her ally.  She designed this amazing wallhanging a while back (a few years ago) and it is finally quilted, bound and the pattern has been tested and reviewed and created and posted for YOU to create!

I wanted to quilt some graffiti-style designs to match the symbolism of the design. I did lots of researching of ideas and motifs to add to this quilt. So fun!

The center is applique, as well as the arrow, while the rest is simple piecing log-cabin style.

Graffiti quilting is so fun to do. This was my first go at it and have since done more.

This pattern finishes at 32 by 36 inches.

The back. You can purchase this amazing and unique pattern 'From the Beginning' here!

I would love to hear what you think of this design.  Do you love it like I do?--she has more quilt patterns in the works, so stay tuned!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Carol's 9-patch on point

Carol made this scrappy gem with 9-patch blocks on point.

I marked each setting square diagonally in half and made a series of 5 loops on each side. Then when I got to a corner, filled in the 9-patch with c2c's. All the way across and back.

The setting triangles got more loops.

I like how this one turned out so well that it makes me want to start cutting out squares for my own version.  Thanks for having me quilt your amazing quilt Carol!