Friday, March 3, 2017

Luanne's Stars

Luanne made this lovely quilt for her son.

I quilted some cross-hatching in the cream border and c2c in the squares. No marking necessary!  Well, maybe just a few dots in the corners. Oh, and the very outside edge. I used a new tool to mark those perfectly spaced dots. An expanding sewing gauge. I ordered from Here. Pretty handy tool. But keep it away from your little kids. They found mine and warped it a tiny bit. It still works great, but wiggles around a tiny bit more than it should.  Perhaps someday my things will not be broken or destroyed in the blink of an eye by little curious hands...

In the stars, I just did an all-over paisley swirl design. I wanted to keep it simple since the borders were pretty fancy.

The back.

I seriously don't know why I took this picture. Maybe my kiddo took it?? Just showing the areas off the quilt where I tested for tension issues.  Sometimes quilting is messy. Just keeping it real here folks!

Loved how this one turned out! Thanks Luanne!