Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hello Kitty & Curious George

Peg made 2 more little quilts for her grandkids with her embroidery machine.  How cute is this Hello Kitty one?!

I don't usually do much quilting with hearts, but they seemed pretty appropriate here. 

Oh the cuteness.
And then Abram has Curious George doing all sorts of silly things. 
I was at a loss coming up with something to quilt in the spacer blocks...what goes with monkeys?  Well I thought monkeys live in the jungle and there are lots of leaves in the jungle.  So a leaf is what I did. 

Loops and random leaves are quilted in the border.  Well, now all Peg's grandkids have a little quilt.  (Clara's and Thea's)  What will she do next?? 

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amy said...

where did you get the curious george fabric?!