Thursday, May 9, 2013

Norene's Log Cabin and Sunset Jelly Roll

Norene made these two quilts.  The first was this yellow log cabin.  She requested flowers and swirls in the cream areas and meandering in the yellow.  I probably would never have thought to quilt it that way myself, but I just Love how it turned out!  Oddly, this is the only picture I got of it so you can't see the whole quilt.  Blog fail!  She had the log cabins laid out in diagonal lines and had a narrow red border with a bigger yellow border on the outside.  Just try to picture it... :P
*Oh! I remember why there's only this picture now.  The light was shining through the patio door onto the quilt which was perfect for a close up shot, but left half of the quilt in the dark.  So a wider shot was going to have to wait...but I apparently forgot and it went home with Norene before I remembered.  Aren't you glad you know that now??

Anywhoo.  Now here's this one, made from a jelly roll and looks a lot like a sunset.
I quilted a breezy free-flowing fiery design in the center.  It was pretty fun to do!

Big bubbles in the border and meandering around the prairie points.  I only caught a point once!

Thanks for letting me quilt your tops Norene!


Renee said...

Beautiful quilting! I especially like the sunset quilt.

Katie Rock said...

awesome quilting Jenny!